is a collaborative vision that has been 18 years in the making. Starting with Paul & Linda May Mackie, who are native Portlanders, ordained by Pastor Bill Johnson and the Eldership at Bethel Church in Redding, CA, E3 was birthed out of a desire to see everyone human being recognize they are redeemed and equipped to self-feed, self-govern, and self-activate as a Kingdom Ambassador who knows their identity, values, and commission in Christ.


e3 Vision


Equip-Empower-Engage is a 1 year Discipleship School that is designed to encourage and empower every willing person to become the best version of themselves. We address the Spirit, Soul, and Body through one-a-week classes where we co-labor with you to discover who you are, what you value, and where you’re designed to shine in life. Our end-goal is to co-produce with you a balanced, fruitful, and successful life that leaves the world a better place because of your presence and participation.


At E3, we live in a culture where we celebrate and honor people as divine originals, treat people as family, learn in a group dynamic, discover truth by asking great questions, embrace our identity while we value transparency in the process. We are about capturing authenticity, not pursuing perfection.


E3 Values


e3 Mission


Our mission is to eradicate condemnation, displace discouragement, heal hopelessness, impart identity, discover gold, and launch a destiny in any willing person no matter their religion, ethnicity, orientation, or socioeconomic status. We are looking to encourage anyone who is looking to be encouraged.



Paul & Linda May Mackie

have invested their lives in both the Business world, 35 years as owners and service providers, and the Ministry world which qualifies them with a head for practical wisdom as well as a heart for spiritual revelation. The Mackie's have joyfully served their community with Custom Sign-painting and Pin-striping for people and businesses all over the West Coast, as well as mentoring and launching several new sign-painters into their own careers along the way.

They have also served humanity as parents, grandparents, mentors, coaches and advocates at differing stages in their lives empowering them to care for and encourage people no matter their present reality.


The Team


Lori Nutbrown


Mark + Lois Wooldridge


Jonathan + Bree Keel


The present E3 Encounter that you’re investigating

is the culmination of their life’s work and being offered, because the Mackie’s along with the E3 Team believe in your identity, destiny and potential to make a difference in your world. The Mackie’s are convinced that no matter how much we think we know about any topic there is always more to be discovered which requires that we learn to ask a new question. Learning to ask new questions then is one of our main quests during an E3 Encounter. We invite you to start by asking yourself a new question today, “What would I dare to dream and then do if I were equipped with my true identity, empowered with a hope-filled destiny and engaged as a powerful change-agent in my world?